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We all pray for Egypt!!! 31 January 2011

Posted by seshatblog in Comunicazioni, Letture, Personale.

There are days in our life we want forget, sometimes some happens and we can’t believe because it’s over our imagination. But from time to time the reality is so shocking that seems a movie.

Last 25th January I was incredulous seeing in TV what was happen in Cairo especially in places that I know very well, as my own: Tahrir Square, Egyptian Museum, Cornish el-Nil, Sharia Qasr el –Ayni and so on… The first thing that make me feel skeptical were images showing a Cairo badly, I thought it was a city back to me more than 25 years ago, when just teenagers I was studied there. At that time was difficult to find anything: food, dresses, books and so on. My mind contrariwise have now others images of the Egyptian capital, more modern than what I saw in TV.

 In second place even I am not entering in political topic, but as I believe in freedom I must say, is that their President did a lot and I saw year by year growing the country in building popular houses, improving transports, cleaning the city, organizing cultural events, opening new libraries, new bookstore and cultural centers. What about the archaeological sites and theatres and Museums in order to valorize the Egyptian heritage, that is a treasure for the entire world, it’s our heritage. And what about the strong action did abroad in order to promote tourism, that means money for all the Egyptian working in it, that are a lot, considering hotels workers, drivers, travel agents, guides and so on. What about books that Egypt was printing by signature of Zahi Hawass translated in all world’s most important languages that divulgate their history and arts?

As archaeologist I must say that I was disgusted to see damaged founds in the Museum in Tahrir and some founds stolen in depots all over the country, because this is not concerning with the request of rights of the Egyptians . This is just a criminal action, as the looting of the houses and shops. I hope nothing will happen in Egypt like it was for the Baghdad Museum in Iraq, not just for my egoism but for the future generations. Consider as I said.


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